11 August, 2010

Dunno why suddenly get fever . -.-''
the weather dam hot ah ! not wrong i think 33 degree ? OMG LOL!
haha so 2moro is my add maths and physics exam. i get ready to fail my physics alrdy . :P
Can go back home at 12.30........... dun need wait until 1 oclock alrdy ahhaha :P
oh oh. . . Witchcraft - Pendulum this song velie velie nice LOLLL !
go go go listen haha. oh this time i decided to blog back because i dont know what to do la -.-
just spend my time playing games only LOL
wp wp wp hahaha =(
oh oh GUAN MING this time i blog alrdyyyyyyyyyyyyy
will blog at least once a week so that this blog is aliveeeee ?
annd and son dambi queen song is very awesomeeeeeee
boo yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh bye bye !

09 August, 2010


Deep thinking and thinking and decided to blog again :P !
Just to blog to release what i wanted to say through what i feel.
Will update my blog at least twice a week :P
Life has Atas dan Bawah ( Up and down ) and i've been through the most painful .
Maybe it's about my attitude and realise that everything i did was not right.
Wanted a change but it's too late , just hope that there will be a time machine that would turn back time.

08 March, 2010

Wee di du di du weeeeeeeeee.
Its long since i update this blog.
yea my com spoil and i send it for preparation and now online through laptop
so life sucks. just finish exam. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D
well i dunno wan to maintain this blog anot bcoz i dun know wat to blog
i hate my life !
lalalalala next week holiday.
but den got tuition alarrrrrrrrr =/
ok bye bye ! hahaha

20 January, 2010

But i dunno wat header to put =/

I dunno what to blog.
I dunno what to write.
But i dun wan this blog to die.
So i'll make it alive...................

I hate add maths.
I hate biology.
I hate chemistry.
I hate physics.
I going to sleep ! Nights.

13 January, 2010

Hello there! HAHAHAHAHA
Form 4's is stressing and certainly it's not a honeymoon year.
Everyday is just the same old boring days, School , Tuition , Homework , Study!
Dun have much time to online , gotta do homework.
Tata ! :D

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Boom it
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

08 January, 2010

Paranormal Activity

Went mid with friends.
The movie was , AWESOME.
Don't hesistate to watch it because it's scary.
Maybe scary yet its nice.
After movie went back home.
Watch movie and dota.
Sleep tata!

01 January, 2010

Happy new year to all humans. :P wkakka
Happy New Year New Year is considered as one of the happiest celebrations in the world as million of people are exchanging Happy New Year greeting messages through text and many more la. :D

Wednesday early in the morning get spam call from wk.
Calling me to midvalley but i went out with my mom buy shirts and pants. wee
Came back , bath and rush to the bus stop. went midvalley meet wk.
Wanted to watch Sherlock but the que was dam long. Cancel and walk around.
Walk around and went gardens. Nothing to do == killing time.
Den saw khairul and his gf. hi and then bye
Was bored den went back to wk house. play dota and eat dinner. wk feeding (: one word, noobs.
Waiting for yap den we left to abc. meet rui lin and shisha. talk talk talk and den it was time for ruilin to go back. Tata ruilin . and ruilin good luck for something. /gg
Weng keong bro friend send us back and went alibaba play dota

Wk feed again. Sad. =)
Den it was 4 so we went back. Walk back home. Takut kena rompak, ambil kayu. Takut hantu. ==
Went back home and watch youtubes.
Den they cook maggi mee makan.
Slept at 7

Thursday, time to go sunway. woke up at 12. 5 hours of sleeping. @@
Bath and wk mom send us to sunway. Call zj and he say he's watching avatar.
We go pool , wait around half an hour only got table. Play pool and wk started to show his lvl 1 fighting roshan skills. o0o
Play and makan at AMW. Mozza burger. Sedap slurppppp :D
Eat already den walk around looking for Marks and Spencer. Cannot find. wk lead way cannot trust 1.
Walk around the mall killing time again. == den went topman. try jeans.
Slim , straight and blablablaaaaaaa . rm163. "cheap"
den went Cum gary(kim gary) and eat :D
Another noob came, benjamin ivan chin.
Eat eat eat and wk burn his hand. triangle shape. WOOHOO
den noob wt lan c wk with ice. LOL
makan d den pergi darren house bbq. drink 1 carlsberg , face red. cb i cant drink. sdaklfjaskldf
makan makan den play cards. den balik sunway countdown.
went asian avenue and watch fireworks. veli pretty.

Den wk they all decided to go asia cafe.
Walk there with zj,sook may,kelvin and wt.
reach there choose place to sit.
Bayang wk dan darren pun tak nampak. call us go asia cafe but ownself play pool/fusbal. geng
bored den decided to go back. buy apple pie from McD.
Uncle send us back zj house. Bath and play poker. All money lose. == but facebook money win alot.
Watch ghost movie , den sleep.

my phone cable lost == cant upload pics.
wee happy new year again to all humans. :D

29 December, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Let us say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010.
2009 has been a memorable year. Love it very much.
In that 12 months , many sad and happy events happen.
Study in a morning school is much better than studying in the afternoon. But i hate it where we had to wake up 6 in the morning wake up and waiting for our bus.
Life continue and met many more friends.
Hanging out with them are great.
Playing basketball , walking around the mall , blow water once in a while. They're the best moment.
I had no idea what to blog again.
see ya 2009 :P

PS: QuikSilvEr said this blog look like 10 years old blog. TRUE ??!!?!?!?!

24 December, 2009

Stupidity that's flowing in my blood.

Its long time ago since i've updated my blog.
I've decided to update my blog for now.
I've deleted my old posts and decided to start a new one.

After receiving it , my tears are about to come out.
No its not the joy of tears but the sad one.
I tried to control infront of my friends and yet i failed.
Making a smile in that situation was difficult.
Most of them achieve what they deserve to get. Congrats (:
This examination only happens once in a lifetime , i studied and it just that it's not enough.
Giving only 15% when there's still more percentages of scoring.
I did not have the guts inside of me calling my own dad.
After all, they've expected a good news waiting for my phone call.
He answered the phone and hoping me to tell him a good result.
I dissapointed him, he was scolding me yet i dun blame him for that but im angry of myself.
After all this years of studying , is this what i manage to study?
They've given me high hopes , hoping that I will achieve better so my future is much more brighter.
I did not just dissapointed them , im an embaressment to the family.
As a student , i feel myself like a failure.
The results are given and nothing's gonna change.
I need to work harder than before and this is a lesson for me.

I know this post is very emo.
Writing this post , my tears came down.
I couldn't control it but to release it.