11 August, 2010

Dunno why suddenly get fever . -.-''
the weather dam hot ah ! not wrong i think 33 degree ? OMG LOL!
haha so 2moro is my add maths and physics exam. i get ready to fail my physics alrdy . :P
Can go back home at 12.30........... dun need wait until 1 oclock alrdy ahhaha :P
oh oh. . . Witchcraft - Pendulum this song velie velie nice LOLLL !
go go go listen haha. oh this time i decided to blog back because i dont know what to do la -.-
just spend my time playing games only LOL
wp wp wp hahaha =(
oh oh GUAN MING this time i blog alrdyyyyyyyyyyyyy
will blog at least once a week so that this blog is aliveeeee ?
annd and son dambi queen song is very awesomeeeeeee
boo yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh bye bye !

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