24 December, 2009

Stupidity that's flowing in my blood.

Its long time ago since i've updated my blog.
I've decided to update my blog for now.
I've deleted my old posts and decided to start a new one.

After receiving it , my tears are about to come out.
No its not the joy of tears but the sad one.
I tried to control infront of my friends and yet i failed.
Making a smile in that situation was difficult.
Most of them achieve what they deserve to get. Congrats (:
This examination only happens once in a lifetime , i studied and it just that it's not enough.
Giving only 15% when there's still more percentages of scoring.
I did not have the guts inside of me calling my own dad.
After all, they've expected a good news waiting for my phone call.
He answered the phone and hoping me to tell him a good result.
I dissapointed him, he was scolding me yet i dun blame him for that but im angry of myself.
After all this years of studying , is this what i manage to study?
They've given me high hopes , hoping that I will achieve better so my future is much more brighter.
I did not just dissapointed them , im an embaressment to the family.
As a student , i feel myself like a failure.
The results are given and nothing's gonna change.
I need to work harder than before and this is a lesson for me.

I know this post is very emo.
Writing this post , my tears came down.
I couldn't control it but to release it.

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